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2019-12-15 16:54

A few locations have changed from the previous 2013 election, but there will be around 7, 000 polling places open across Australia, with 672 in Western Australia alone operating all day from 8am toMar 09, 2017  Western Australia is a big place and we cant all get to have a say about every decision that needs to be made about our State. Instead we elect politicians, or representatives, to make decisions on our behalf. An election is a vote by the people western australia voting hours

Voting is compulsory at State elections, byelections and referenda in Western Australia for enrolled electors. Find out more about voting in Western Australia, including how to mark your ballot papers, the voting systems used in Western Australia and what happens if you fail to vote.

She spent a few hours this morning on a polling booth in Perths western suburbs, something she has done every state and federal election since 1952 when she joined the Young Liberals as a She was an Independent Senate candidate at the a 2016 Federal election and set up her own party, Julie Matheson for Western Australia, to run teams of candidates for the 2017 state election.western australia voting hours The 2017 Western Australian state election was held on Saturday 11 March 2017 to elect members to the Parliament of Western Australia, including all 59 seats in the Legislative Assembly and all 36 seats in the Legislative Council.

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Our office will be closed from Friday 21 December and will reopen office hours on Wednesday 2 January. The Commission would like to wish you a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. Darling Range byelection returns and funding claims western australia voting hours Following the 2001 federal election, the AEC undertook a survey of the 580 561 informal votes recorded. The informal ballots were aggregated from polling places into divisional and state summaries. These are the results for Western Australia. Extensive coverage of federal, state and local elections by the ABC. Election guides by ABC election analyst Antony Green, results, statistics, news and more.