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How can the answer be improved?Billable hour requirements are a fact of life in most law firms. To budget for the salaries of the employees and the expenses of the law firm, there generally has to be some requirement in place. If there is no billable hour requirement in place, the reality is that most law firms can get into budgetary problems. billable hours requirement

Paralegals and Billable Hours Requirements The financial wellbeing of a law firm depends to a great extent on how many billable hours are generated by the firm's employees. Nonbillable time ultimately cuts into the firm's profits.

Because an annual billable hour target can be an intimidating figure, attorneys can break it down to the target they need per day or per month, according to Axelrod. Actually, in fairness to the firm, a number of WSGRs peer firms do have either a billablehours requirement or target of 1950 (at least for 180K scale andor bonus eligibility).billable hours requirement Aug 01, 2014  Sounds reasonable as long as they have 34 hours of billable work for you when it's not tax season. My goal is 1700 hours, I average 2833 billable during the summer and 60 billable

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(NALP Bulletin, April 2007) Analyses of total and billable hours worked, billable hours requirements, and pro bono hours. Billable Hour Requirements at Law Firms (NALP Bulletin, May 2006) One of the most sought after law firm measures, after salaries, is the billable hours requirement. billable hours requirement Salaries and hours; The 2018 salary survey. Please note salaries are undergoing marketwide changes at the moment. We'll be updating these figures when firms report them. And while this table is of course interesting, we don't think salary is a fantastic place to begin shortlisting firms. Rather, we'd recommend considering what you want to do 50 hours a week in the office just isnt enough to bill all your time, what with all the other things that go on in a day. Unless your willing to consistently put in 12 hours days in the office or work significant time on weekends, I find it very hard to believe a newish lawyer can honestly and ethically bill their required hours. Mar 29, 2013  For associates, the goal is simple: meet the required (or expected) minimum number of billable hours to qualify for annual bonuses and salary increases. Billing 2, 000 hours a year isnt easy. In addition, government and public interest employers typically do not have any billable hour requirements because they do not bill their hours to a paying client. A. The Full Time Job: Target 1800 Billable Hours